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“Restaurant of the Week” Segment – January 17, 2022

5:00 – 6:00 AM and 9:00 – 10:00 AM

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RESTAURANT OF THE WEEKw/ George Kessinger re: “Crazy Mels Burgers & Bar” 166 N. Palm Canyon Dr., P.S.
– REPORT that if you walk due East from “Forever Marilyn”, cross Palm Canyon and you’ll be @ “Crazy Mel’s Burgers & Bar”.
– REPORT that there is now an American Flag that “Crazy Mel’s” put up flying 50 feet in the air, facing Marilyn.
– REPORT that George & Paris Kessinger are very Civic Minded. That comes from the way they were raised and by listening to the people.
– REPORT on the “games” he has @ “Crazy Mel’s” for both adults and kids. i.e. the biggest chess set in Palm Springs, checkers, hop-scotch.
– DISCUSSION that they are open 10 ish in the morning to 8 PM. Except on the weekends, when they stay open as long as there are customers.
– REPORT that “Crazy Mel’s” is pet and kid friendly. Lemonade and ice teas.
– REPORT that even though they are a “hamburger joint” (made from brisket, rib and chuck meat) they have a FULL bar. Draft beers, bottled beers, signature cocktails, Hollywood cocktails, etc.
– REPORT that they have “grab-n-go”.
– REPORT that the sweet potato fries are SO POPULAR.
– REPORT that if you go inside the restaurant you must wear your mask until you sit down and begin to eat/drink.  Must show proof of vaccination.
– (contact info: (760) 656-7563)

“George and the Giant Chess Set”

Rest in Peace

R.I.P. Lovely Desert resident, philanthropist and all around great gal, Peggy Cravens.

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