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Sports Segment – December 28, 2021

5:00 – 6:00 AM and 9:00 – 10:00 AM

Hour 2 Seg 3 – Sports Segment

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KELLY’S CORNER” w/ Steve Kelly re: sports report.
– REPORT on the wonderful services provided to him by Desert Oasis Health Care!!!!
– DISCUSSION of how Covid has affected sports.  NBA played split seasons.  NHL has suspended their season as of now due to Covid. NFL not definite as to what is going on.  Rutgers is in the Gator Bowl. 
– REPORT on this weekend’s College Bowl playoffs.
– REPORT on how everything, even the Olympics are “day to day” because of Covid.
– REPORT on local sports. i.e. BNP Paribas plans to come back in March.
– REPORT on the C. V. Firebirds, American Hockey Team will play in the new arena being built out East.  Minor league team is the expansion team – Seattle Kracken.
– The new arena will be HUGE for music here in the Coachella Valley.
– REPORT that the Firebirds have an on-line store.
– DISCUSSION of how the term “hat trick” came to be.
– REPORT that soccer is now the 4th major sport in the U.S.
– (contact info: TBA).


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