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“Restaurant of the Week” Segment -November 20, 2021

9:00 – 10:00 AM

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RESTAURANT OF THE WEEK w/ Marty Webster re: “Aspen Mills”. 1.) 555 S. Sunrise Way, P.S. 92264. (since 1995)
2.) Inside Clarks Nutrition Café @ 34175 Monterey Ave., R. M., 92270; 3.) 46-520 Washington St., La Quinta; 4.) Rancho Mirage Library @ 71-100 Hwy., 111, Rancho Mirage. 5.) NEW Café in the “Create Center” in Palm Desert.
– REPORT that the supply chain issues have affected his business costs, but he is NOT passing those costs on to the consumers.
– DISCUSSION of the tuna salad that was voted “Best in the Valley” by P.S. Life Magazine.
– REPORT – All locations are open normal hours, open @ 7 AM. All are closed on Sundays. Can dine inside and out @ all locations too. Still take-out of course.
– REPORT on pies for the Holidays.
– REPORT on the 5 different salads.
– REPORT on the 30 different kinds of breads. No preservatives in any of their breads. Any bread “flavor” can be made into rolls. MAKE GREAT GIFTS.
– REPORT on the different sandwiches.
– REPORT on the muffins, cookies, round cakes, brownies, low carb breads, etc.
– REPORT on the sandwich trays for the Holidays and any time. Can do kids size of sandwich too.
– REPORT on the breakfast offerings that can be delivered.  Fruit, hard-boiled egg, etc., that requires no cooking.
– REPORT on how to order by phone, email etc., THEY DELIVER.
– DISCUSSION that everything is made from scratch w/ real butter, etc. The baking goes on around the clock.
– REPORT that he’s been open since 1995.
– (contact info: www.aspenmillsbakery.com and (760) 323-3123).


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