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“Legal Eagle” Segment – November 20, 2021

10:00 – 11:00 AM

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ROBERT L. FIRTH LAW w/ Robert Firth re: 68910 Adelina Road, Cathedral City, CA. 92234.
1. Are there any legal solutions for the supply chain? (Not really unless there is a contract specifying delivery options.)
2. What are the legal implications of the Good Samaritan Law? (Because folks originally tried to help w/ NO KNOWLEDGE and were sued…so this law encourages folks to render service and save lives).
3. Is the banking rule about reporting your deposits over $600. An invasion of privacy? (No. Your choice. IRS wants things property reported).  Do your tax returns TWICE.  1st time conservatively and then the 2nd time aggressively and then SPLIT THE DIFFERENCE.
4. Are you be accountable if you see a crime AND DO NOTHING? (No. It is not illegal.  You DO NOT have to report a crime if you see it.)
– REPORT that a good source to find an attorney is www.AVVO.com.
– REPORT that his practice/expertise is in Estate Planning and Bankruptcy.
– (contact info: www.firthlaw.com and (760) 770-4066).


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