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“Legal Eagle” Segment – October 16, 2021

10:00 – 11:00 AM

Hour 2 Seg 3 – “Legal Eagle” Segment

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ROBERT L. FIRTH LAW w/ Robert Firth re: 68910 Adelina Road, Cathedral City, CA. 92234.
1.New York has fired folks because they are not vaccinated.  Is that legal? (Yes. Employment is “at will”.  You have the choice to work or not, but unless it is a condition of employment, you can be fired.)
2. Are “gender neutral” toys a legal requirement? (Leans toward “confused” sexuality in children).
3. Is demanding a vaccine card an “invasion of privacy”? (No. Your choice).
4. Car recall over airbags because particles shoot out and hurt passengers? (Yes, this happened. Manufacturer is libel.)
5. Can you protect your kids from the influence of social media? (Yes, parent better and be involved w/ your children).
6. What is an Evidentiary Affidavit? (A document sworn to under oath to provide evidence.)
– REPORT that a good source to find an attorney is www.AVVO.com.
– (contact info: www.firthlaw.com and (760) 770-4066).


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R.I.P. Loretta Lynn 4.14.32 – 10.4.22

R.I.P. Lovely Desert resident, philanthropist and all around great gal, Peggy Cravens.

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