Wear Red and Eat Chocolate!

cont. Desert Oasis Health Care Segment. “The Medicine Cabinet” – October 2, 2021

9:00 – 10:00 AM

Hour 1 Seg 3 – cont. Desert Oasis Health Care Segment. “The Medicine Cabinet”

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D.O.H.C. w/ Dr. Brian Hodgkins re: Executive V.P. of Clinical Operations @ D.O.H.C.; 275 El Cielo Rd., Palm Springs, 92262. “Your Health, Your Life, Our Passion”. Leads the COVID-10 Taskforce.
– STATEMENTS/QUESTIONS from “Joey Pals” in the “Medicine Cabinet”.
1. From Ruta Lee….Does the vaccine destroy white corpuscles? (No).
2. Pregnancy increases your chances of getting Covid? (No. 125,000 pregnant women have gotten Covid, but only 165 pregnant women have died of Covid, NOT the vaccine.  Only 1/3 of pregnant women are vaccinated.  Your immune system is under stress while pregnant, so one of the best things you can do is get vaccinated).
3. What do I have to fear from unvaccinated people IF I AM VACCINATED? (Nothing. Vaccinated folks might get a slight infection BUT will have very light symptoms, won’t go to the hospital AND WON’T GET DEAD).
4. The head of Moderna said the virus would be gone in a year? (Wow, hope he’s right.  Will be endemic, not PANDEMIC in a year). 
– (contact info: www.myturn.ca.gov and www.mydohc.com and (760) 969-6555).


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