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Desert Oasis Healthcare Segment “The Medicine Cabinet” Segment – July 31, 2021

09:00 – 10:00 AM

Hour 1 Seg 2 – Desert Oasis Healthcare Segment “The Medicine Cabinet”

DESERT OASIS HEALTHCARE w/ Dr. Brian Hodgkins re: Executive V.P. of Clinical Operations @ D.O.H.C.; 275 El Cielo Rd., Palm Springs, 92262. “Your Health, Your Life, Our Passion”. Leads the COVID-10 Taskforce.
– REPORT that we are in our 73rd week of Pandemic.
– REPORT that the stats in the Desert are in the 3rd SURGE. WE ARE BACK IN THE RED TIER!!! Hospitals are filling up w/ 95% UNVACCINATED COVID-19 patients. Mostly the Delta Variant.
– REPORT that all will probably have to mask, whether vaccinated or not.
– REPORT that if you ARE vaccinated you 1. Will not get seriously ill. 2. Will not get hospitalized. 3. Will not get dead.
– REPORT that if you ARE vaccinated out in public and indoors, WEAR A MASK.
– REPORT that the Delta Variant is the predominate virus now. Very dangerous and frightening.
– REPORT that D.O.H.C. has issued a mandatory vaccination edict to all the employees, staff, etc.
– REPORT that 10% of people who HAD covid, have no antibodies. People in Israel who have been vaccinated are being infected w/ the Delta Variant.
– REPORT that you get better protection from the Vaccine than having had the virus.
– DISCUSSION of what other virus are in our future. Next variant will be more contagious, more lethal.
– REPORT that half of Americans are NOT vaccinated.
– QUESTIONS from “Joey Pals”
1. Can you get a break-thru infection if you are vaccinated? (Yes, because the vaccine is 95% effective, so 5% of folks can STILL get infected.)
2. What are the long-term effects of the virus on our eyes? (Long term issues are possible if you already have ‘eye’ issues. Can impact ALL systems in the body).
– REPORT that D.O.H.C.’s clinics are open 8 AM to 4 PM Mon. – Friday @ P.S. & Indio. D.O.H.C.’s clinic in Yucca Valley is open every Thursday.
– REPORT that if you feel ill – GET TESTED!!!
(760) 969-6555)


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My beloved “radio Mother”, Rozene Supple just died. 9.24.24 – 7.13.22. Good-bye Dearie.

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