Wear Red and Eat Chocolate!

cont. Desert Oasis Healthcare Segment – July 3, 2021

09:00 – 10:00 AM

Hour 1 Seg 3 – cont. Desert Oasis Healthcare Segment

DESERT OASIS HEALTHCARE w/ Barry Dayton re: Marketing.
– REPORT on D.O.H.C.’s 40th Anniversary on July 1. Started as Primary Care of Palm Springs w/ 1 doctor.
– REPORT on how they’ve grown all over the Valley and even up in Yucca Valley too.
– DISCUSSION of the innovations and advances D.O.H.C. has caused to happen.
– REPORT on the results for D.O.H.C.’s “40 for 40” campaign. D.O.H.C. gave away an additional $40,000. to 10 different charities. Results can be seen @ www.mydohc.com. #1 – Palm Springs Animal Shelter. #2 – F.I.N.D. Food Bank. (51% of the population here in the CV will experience some kind of food deprivation.)
#3 – Shelter from the Storm. #4 – Sanctuary Palm Springs. Etc.
– DISCUSSION of the joy of working for an organization such as D.O.H.C. that is so concerned w/ the quality of life for members of their community.
Check out the Community Support section of the www.mydohc.com website.
– DISCUSSION of how to become a D.O.H.C. member. Call the number below and ask the question.
(760) 969-6555)


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