Wear Red and Eat Chocolate!

cont., Animal Segment – June 12, 2021

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Hour 3 Seg 3 – cont., Animal Segment

COACHELLA VALLEY CAT CLUB w/ Chris Martello re: Her cat rescue NEW non-profit.
– A new non-profit. CV Weekly, Carter Animal Hospital have been very supportive.
– REPORT on how Chris “SAVES” homeless cats.
– DISCUSSION of how she funded it herself and then started the non-profit. The strays that she finds ARE NOT MICRO-CHIPPED.
– FUNDRAISER @ Quick Quack Car Wash. Go to her website and donate $10. To CVCC and you get a voucher for the TOP wash @ Quick Quack.
– REPORT that there’s a “Chewy Wish List” on her website.
– REPORT that she really needs foster homes for these cats. She needs helpers to aid in the care of the cats. Some are still “on the streets”. OH NOI!!!
– REPORT that predators TAKE CATS TOO. Chris is very careful about who she gives her saved cats to.
(760) 578-8700)

AMY’S PURPOSE w/ DeAnn Lubell re; Author and animal activist.
– REPORT on the history that caused the creation of Amy’s Purpose. Amy was a 4 year-old rescue doggie that was murdered in the High Desert by coyotes, even though she was in a fenced back yard.
– DISCUSSION that this effort is not AGAINST the predators but is ABOUT information to increase awareness about predators. The predators ARE EVERYWHERE. Snakes, coyotes, bobcats, EVEN human, etc.,
– REPORT on the new non-profit website www.amyspurpose.net.
– DISCUSSION that she wants to have grief counseling available for those who lose their furry family members.
– REPORT on tips about what to do when your pet is threatened. 1. Keep an eye on your pet NO MATTER WHERE you live. 2. Boat horns are very effective against predators and are available on Amazon. 3. Different sprays are available on Amazon. 4. Wolf urine from Amazon around your yard.
– DISCUSSION of her historical novel.
– REPORT that there is a real need of emergency vet services for animals, especially on weekends.
(818) 946-8086)

Chris & DeAnn

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