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cont. Desert Oasis Healthcare Segment “The Medicine Cabinet” – April 3, 2021

09:00 – 10:00 AM

Hour 1 Seg 3 – cont. Desert Oasis Healthcare Segment “The Medicine Cabinet”

Hello, hello Joey Pals;
Just to remind you, that even though I am doing my best to provide you up-to-date information, please check websites and phone numbers for the latest. Coronavirus Hotlines and Websites: Desert Oasis Healthcare www.mydohc.com (760) 969-6555; Eisenhower Health (760) 837-8988; DAP Health Triage Clinic (760) 992-0407. Be well and all the best. Blessings, Joey

DESERT OASIS HEALTHCARE w/ Barry Dayton re: Marketing Director. 275 El Cielo Rd., Palm Springs, 92262. “Your Health, Your Life, Our Passion”. 275 El Cielo Rd., Palm Springs, 92262. “Your Health, Your Life, Our Passion”.
– REPORT that as of April 15, anyone 16 or older can get the Pfiser Vaccine. 18 and older can get the Moderna or J ‘n J vaccine.
– REPORT that D.O.H.C. has two locations for vaccinations. Palm Springs (760) 808-8400 and Indio (760) 808-8404.
– REPORT on vaccine is ALWAYS FREE.
– DISCUSSION that D.O.H.C. is sending out postcards to all their D.O.H.C. members about getting the vaccine and also to folks who are NOT members of D.O.H.C. but can get the vaccine.
– PARTNERSHIP w/ Jewish Family Services as “vaccine buddies”. (760) 325-4088 for any assistance in getting vaccinated.
– “Vaccinate – This is how you end a Pandemic.
– REPORT on the blue passport holder w/ a place to put your vaccination card as well.
– REPORT that Staples will laminate your vaccination card for FREE.
– REPORT that the vaccination and marketing sites were rated as wonderful by Riverside County officials.
– DISCUSSION of how Barry keeps the website so up-to-date and current. Lauding his great resources and team members.
– REPORT that you MUST continue to keep up w/ your regular medical appointments and needs thru this Pandemic.
– VOTED “BEST OF THE DESERT URGENT CARE FACILITIES” in 2020. Four Immediate Care Facilities in Palm Springs, Yucca Valley, Indio and Palm Desert.
– REPORT on the mobile unit they have now. YAY!!!
– SHOUT OUT to Find Food Bank’s need for support on April 9th that D.O.H.C. is supporting. www.findfoodbank.org.
(760) 969-6555)


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