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Restaurant of the Week Segment – March 27, 2021

09:00 – 10:00 AM

Hour 1 Seg 1 – Restaurant of the Week Segment

Hello, hello Joey Pals;
Just to remind you, that even though I am doing my best to provide you up-to-date information, please check websites and phone numbers for the latest. Coronavirus Hotlines and Websites: Desert Oasis Healthcare www.mydohc.com (760) 969-6555; Eisenhower Health (760) 837-8988; DAP Health Triage Clinic (760) 992-0407. Be well and all the best. Blessings, Joey

RESTAURANT OF THE WEEK w/ Marty Webster re: “Aspen Mills”.
1.) 555 S. Sunrise Way, P.S. 92264.
2.) Inside Clarks Nutrition is still closed @ 34175 Monterey Ave., R. M., 92270; 3.) 46-520 Washington St., La Quinta; 4.) 71-100 Hwy., 111, Rancho Mirage.
– REPORT that they are open NOW for indoor and outdoor dining; take-out and delivery!!!!!
– REPORT on Passover offerings for today. Challah braided breads, round ones too. Great for French Toast too. Open today until 6:30 PM.
– REPORT on Easter offerings. Dinner rolls of 12 different flavors. Pies of 5 different flavors.
– DISCUSSION of the 5” diameter of cookies in 6 flavors.
– Voted the Best Tuna Salad in the Valley.
– REPORT on the salads.
– DISCUSSION of their delivery services; i.e. to hotels etc., who give each guest a FREE sandwich.
– REPORT on how to order for delivery or take out.
(760) 323-3123)


Rest in Peace

My beloved “radio Mother”, Rozene Supple just died. 9.24.24 – 7.13.22. Good-bye Dearie.

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