Wear Red and Eat Chocolate!

cont. “Senior Moment” Segment – February 13, 2021

10:00 – 11:00 AM

Hour 2 Seg 2 – cont. “Senior Moment” Segment

Hello, hello Joey Pals;
Just to remind you, that even though I am doing my best to provide you up-to-date information, please check websites and phone numbers for the latest. Coronavirus Hotlines and Websites: Desert Oasis Healthcare www.mydohc.com (760) 969-6555; Eisenhower Health (760) 837-8988; DAP Health Triage Clinic (760) 992-0407. Be well and all the best. Blessings, Joey

DEMENTIA HELP CENTER w/ Kae Hammond re: President & Founder; 495 Town Center Way, 44 Ste., B, Palm Desert, CA. 92260.
– QUESTION FROM A “JOEY PAL”. “What can you do to avoid getting Dementia/Alzheimer?” (1. Limit situations that cause you an underlying anxiety/stress that you live with every day. 2. Eat “brain foods”. i.e. fresh ginger, turmeric, black pepper. She puts some of these things in her tea and learned this from her friend who brought this regime back from India. These things “cross” the blood/brain barrier)
2. “What impact does my HDL or LDL have on the possibility of getting Dementia/Alzheimer?” (1. Important how well the blood flows thru your system, so HDL and LDL are really important. Eat less meat, eat less processed foods. Fish should be “wild” etc. Salmon, sardines, mackerel, anchovies are good.)
– REPORT on the book she wrote “Pathways, a guidebook for families caring for a loved one w/ Alzheimer”. Great resource for what to expect.
3. “What about 94 year-old Tony Bennett getting Alzheimers?” (Music so beneficial for Alzheimers patients. i.e. Glenn Campbell who wrote songs in the advanced stages of the disease. How Ronald Regan revealed that he had the disease and how telling the world helped everyone.)
– REMINDER that she has a live ZOOM support group the 1st and 3rd Wednesday.
– REMINDER that there is so much helpful information on the website.
(760) 636-6355)


Rest in Peace

R.I.P. Jackson E. Parham. M.U.H.S. class of 1962. 11.16.1944 – 4.4.2022

Happy Memorial Day!!! Remember “Freedom is NOT Free”. God Bless America!!

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