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Neuro Vitality Segment – September 12, 2020

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Hour 3 Seg 1 – Neuro Vitality Segment

Hello, hello Joey Pals;
Just to remind you, that even though I am doing my best to provide you up-to-date information, please check websites and phone numbers for the latest. Coronavirus Hotlines and Websites: Desert Oasis Healthcare www.mydohc.com (760) 969-6555; Eisenhower Health (760) 837-8988; Desert AIDS Project Triage Clinic (760) 992-0407. Be well and all the best. Blessings, Joey

Click HERE for information about COVID-19 from Desert Oasis Healthcare and the Centers for Disease Control.

NEURO VITALITY CENTER w/ Bev Greer re: Chief Executive Officer @ 2800 E. Alejo Road, Palm Springs, CA. 92262.
– DISCUSSION of the history of the NVC.
– REPORT that their facility is closed to the public @ this point in time. Kitchen, gym, nurse, social worker etc., still working in one form or another, thanks to all the technology.
– REPORT that most of their services have been converted to virtual presentations. i.e. NVC actually can interact w/ more people virtually because all services are now available EVERYWHERE.
– DISCUSSION that even w/ the lower numbers of their clients, all is working rather well. Don’t have to be lonely, depressed or alone.
– REPORT that they deliver lunch to folks who are homebound.
– NVC is providing tablets AND instruction to their clients who are sheltering @ home so they can take advantage of the virtual on-line classes and services.
– DISCUSSION that NVC clients are a “high risk” group.
– DISCUSSION of how new patients are incorporated into the system and how these new folks can be serviced, ANYWHERE in the world. Stressing HOPE.
– NEW Executive Director, Dr. Sellers is coming on board.
(760) 323-7676)


Rest in Peace

My beloved “radio Mother”, Rozene Supple just died. 9.24.24 – 7.13.22. Good-bye Dearie.

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