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Financial Segment – October 19, 2019

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Hour 3 Seg 3 – Financial Segment

WESTLAND FINANCIAL w/ Gene Pastula re: 13520 Evening Creek Dr., N. Ste., #360, San Diego, CA. 92128.
– DISCUSSION of two concerns for retirement; running out of money and paying the high costs of Long Term Care, a 60% likelihood according to US Govt.statistics.
– He’s an industry leader in using insured strategies and products to increase guaranteed Retirement Income, available otherwise only from traditional pensions and Social Security.
– DISCUSSION How to plan for the potential cost of long-term care by using an account for your savings that will instantly increase in value by 100% to 500% if needed to pay for long-term care.
– DISCUSSION Most people retiring today no longer have a guaranteed company pension and Long-term care can easily bankrupt a retirement plan if no strategy has been previously put in place for a problem the govt. says is 60% likely to occur.
(800) 238-8144

CSUSB w/ Diane Vines re: Community Public Health Nursing.
– Received a grant to get nurses and student nurses more involved in the street persons program.
– Dealing with Well in The Desert and UC Riverside Health.
– Taking Health Care “to the streets” rather than having the reverse happen.
– CV Volunteers in Medicine – the only FREE clinic. In Indio. Tuesday evenings they go out to the encampments w/ someone from Eisenhower Health.
– Volunteers are from Coyote Nurses.
– In the Springs they add Psychiatric Public Health Nursing help.
(503) 819-4285)

Diane & Gene

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