Wear Red and Eat Chocolate!

L.G.B.T. Segment – July 6, 2019

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Hour 3 Seg 2 – L.G.B.T. Segment

DESERT AIDS PROJECT/MR. COMMUNITY w/. Steve Henke re: He is the director of Community Development for DAP.
– REPORT on a new restaurant, “Tac/quila” by Dan and Bo. 425 N. Palm Cn., Dr. Palm Springs. (760) 417-4471.
– 11/12 – Oscar’s has Michelle Lee performing and doing a “Q ‘n A”.
– Sign up for the free REV club newsletter. (Revivals Extreme Values) where you can get notices of special offers. i.e. Urban Yoga classes @ DAP.
(760) 323-2118)

REVIVALS STORES/D.A.P. w/ Charles Huff re: He is the Volunteer Program Manager for DAP and Revivals.
– REPORT on the biggest sale of the year, EVER!!!!
– All three Revivals are along Hwy., 111.
#1 – 611 S. Palm Cyn., Palm Springs Store @ the Curve on S. Palm Cyn. (760) 318-6491.That’s “Joey’s Revivals”!!!
#2 – 68401 Hwy., 111 Cathedral City Store in front of CCBC hotel on the south side of Hwy., 111. (760) 969-5747.
#3 – Palm Desert Store in back of J. Russell, the Salon. 72-885 Hwy., 111 (760) 992-0499.
#4 – Proposed new store in Indio which will create more jobs and opportunities.
– New things/brands are constantly coming in to all three stores. Pick up service and delivery service available. Just ask.
– DISCUSSION of how to become a volunteer. Get started w/ only 4 hours a week. Revivals will train you.
(760) 318-6419)

Steven & Charles

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