The Wheel


Chance to spin the Wheel for:

1. GAMEROOM GALLERY – $600. card or poker table top in it’s own nylon zippered carrying case w/ chips/cards and dice from Michael (contact info: www.gameroomgallery.com and (760) 343-5177)

2. KATE PORTER PHOTOGRAPHY – $500. portrait of family, friends, kids and pets from Kate (contact info: www.kateporterphotography.net and (760) 799-4257)

3. MAXIMUM SECURITY – $1,500. system from Steve (contact info: www.maximumsecurity.info and (760) 770-0777)

4. PALM SPRINGS VACUUM – new vacuum from Dennis (contact info: (760) 318-9707)

5. RENOVA SOLAR – $1,000. gift certificate toward a new solar system or 2 months solar energy bill payments from Vincent (contact info: www.renovasolar.com and (760) 568-3413)

6. TOWN CENTER COMPOUNDING PHARMACY – $500. gift certificate from Leslie and Mort (contact info: www.towncentercompoundingpharmacy.com and (760) 341-3984)

7. Cash, Cash, Cash

OVERNIGHT IN IDYLLIC IDYLLWILD – Overnight at the Quiet Creek Inn on Strawberry Creek. (contact info: www.quietcreekinn.com and (800) 450-6110)

PALM SPRINGS AERIAL TRAM PASSES - Passes for two up and down the tram for one of the winners of the Shows/Tours package of the Joey English Red Hot Treasure Chest (contact info: www.pstramway.com and (760) 325-1391)

Joey English Show
KNEWS 970/1140/1250 AM, 94.3 FM
2 to 6 PM Saturday


Thanks Mickey Rooney for all
the joy, all the years.
1920 - 2014