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Animal Segment – June 9, 2018

9:00 – 10:00 AM

Hour 1 Seg 2 – Animal Segment

Lynne Lockwood
– Tips for cat care during the heat.
– Cat facts: i.e. cats have no sweet tooth; when a cat chases its prey, it keeps its head level; group of cats is a “clowder”; cats make about 100 different sounds, dogs only 10; cats only “talk” to humans, growl etc., to other cats; cats are North America’s most popular pet; cat’s hearing is better than a dog, etc., etc.
– LAA works w/ all the animal rescue agencies in town.
(760) 834-7000

Lynzy Allison
– Located @ 73-650 Dinah Shore in Palm Desert.
– Barkingham does boarding, grooming and spa services for dogs AND cats.
– She’s a pet photographer located @ Barkingham.
– She doesn’t really get the pets to pose, just to have fun w/ her.
– Opening special of $79. For 2 pieces of art. It will be a photo theme park located inside Barkingham.
(760) 699-8328

Lynzy and Lynne.

Talk of Stars. – June 9, 2018

9:00 – 10:00 AM

Hour 1 Seg 3 – Talk of Stars.

Larry Luckinbill
– Written by and starring Laurence Luckinbill.
– TOMORROW: a FREE staged reading on 6/10 @ 2 PM @ the Camelot in conjunction w/ Coyote State Works.
– West Coast Premier.
– Biblical base but is funny. Next act might be the “Larry and Jesus Show”.
– Next project is “America’s Better Angels” a benefit for Jewish Family Services in March 14th of 2019.
– Will hopefully take a month to write the play…and his memoir called “Famous Enough”.
– Just saw a revival of “The Boys in the Band” in New York that he had done 50 years ago.
(760) 318-0024


The “Senior Moment” Segment – June 9, 2018

10:00 – 11:00 AM

Hour 2 Seg 1 – The “Senior Moment” Segment

Kurt Suminski, and John Spaun, executive director
– Three levels of care available;
– 1.) Assisted Living – when you need a bit of extra care and safety. Individual apartments, studios, 1 and 2 bedrooms. Bring your cat and/or dogs.
– 2.) Mirage Inn Aging in Place – you transfer over and don’t have to physically move from the main property. Make your environment comfortable for you, can bring the animals too. When you need a bit more care than Assisted Living offers.
– 3.) Clare Bridge Memory Care – For folks w/ dementia and alzheimers, where routines are very structured.
– Someone has to be 65 years of age to live @ Brookdale.
– Report on facilities @ Brookdale; The Safari Lounge, The Cosmo Room, the movie theatre, the Cabaret Nightclub, the great chef and dining room etc..
– Computer room w/ Skype, and emails etc., for residents w/ a technician’s help twice a week.
– Brookdale/Mirage Inn is “A Cruise Ship on Land”.
– Gives residents socialization, purpose in life, companionship, etc.
– All diet requirements can be met, including “mechanical “soft” foods.
– 6/21 – “Family and Friends” Open House!!!! For folks to see the facility and what it offers.
– Three locations in the Valley, 2 in Rancho Mirage and 1 on Sunrise in Palm Springs.
(760) 346-7772

Kurt and John

cont. The “Senior Moment” Segment – June 9, 2018

10:00 – 11:00 AM

Hour 2 Seg 2 – Restaurant of the Week Segment

Dr. Howie Cohen
– WHAT HOSPICE IS NOT……It is not “giving up”, It is not “giving in”, It is not “the end”.
What it is…..Is the acceptance of the cycle of Life, The appreciation of a life lived, the celebration of that life. The time to examine the meaning of one’s life. To revel in the joy and the sorrow of living. To find their peace one needs to move on to whatever the next realm brings. Hospice to me is life…..by Judy Ponceby, July 2016.
– Discussion of a book called “The Blue Zone” where folks tend to live to over 100. The last “zone” was Loma Linda here in Southern California. Common denominators were socialization and purpose.
– In America, hospice takes place WHERE YOU LIVE, even if it is in an assisted living facility.
– Family Hospice focuses on living and dignity….whatever the patients’ needs are. Many times hospice patients feel isolated and lonely, because familys are spread out in America.
(760) 674-3344



cont. The “Senior Moment” Segment – June 9, 2018

10:00 – 11:00 AM

Hour 2 Seg 3 – cont. The “Senior Moment” Segment

Larry Davis
– Report on Memorial Day services.
– Report on the Jewish Cemetery Centers Association of America meeting in Boston that he just attended.
– Different religions have different burial rites and routines that need to be observed.
– Mothers and babies can be buried in the same casket, but not more than one adult in a casket.
– Caskets can go multiple depths, but all in the same family.
(760) 321-6009


Neuro Vitality Center Segment – June 9, 2018

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Hour 3 Seg 1 – Neuro Vitality Center Segment

Bev Greer re: The C.E.O.
– Starting in August the Center will be working w/ “Songshine”, a group that does musical therapy for Parkinson patients.
– Regular programs for Parkinson, as well as a boxing program for Parkinson patients w/ a coach.
– Need for volunteers.
(760) 323-7676


Desert Regional Medical Center Segment – June 9, 2018

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Hour 3 Seg 2 – Desert Regional Medical Center Segment

Max Spektor, MD
– He’s a General Surgeon who also works in the trauma center @ D.R.M.C.
– Wed., July 18, FREE SEMINAR “Hernias…..Causes, Prevention, and Treatment” @ the Stergios Building. R.S.V.P. @ (800) 491-4990.
– More than 200,000 American get hernias every year. Most common elective procedure surgeons do.
– Men and women and babies get hernias, due to a weakness THEY ARE BORN WITH.
– Testicles in men and the round ligament in women is where most hernias occur.
– A hernia is an opening in the facia…it is not a tear, most hernias are congenital and take a long time to dialate and develop.
(800) 491-4990

Max Spektor, Md.

Awakenings Segment – June 9, 2018

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Hour 3 Seg 3 – Awakenings Segment

Dr. Clarice Barrett
– Knowing astrophysics enables her to read the Bible w/ more success.
– Esoteric secret knowledge is from the beginning of time and was kept in secret societies until this time.
– Nostradamus was well versed in astrology.
– Can provide astrology, readings, numerology, etc.,
– Office in Hidden Springs Country Club in Desert Hot Springs.
– Full package reading is $183.
(760) 902-7016


“The Babies” Segment – June 9 , 2018

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Hour 3 Seg 4 – “The Babies” Segment

Christian Hohmann
– “The Babies” are 10 sculptures. Made out of fiberglass by David Cerny w/ no faces….just bar codes.
– The concept of “The Babies” was made many years ago for the Museum of Art in Chicago originally.
– “The Babies” were in Prague for 20 years, and were deteriorating, so they are being rebuilt w/ a new and different frame, and therefore David Cerny got his original ones back, which are here in Palm Springs now.
– Christian worked w/ Michael Braun, of Grit Development to bring them here and display them for the next 20 months.
– David Cerny is not surprised by the different reactions to “The Babies”, because his felt that in coming from a Communist Country where he couldn’t express his art, the freedom he had to do “The Babies” trumped any criticism they might generate.
– “The Babies” are in between the Kimpton and the Art Museum.
– Also responsible, along w/ Michael Braun of Grit Development, for The “Isabelle” statue by Julian Voss-Andreae now on display in Palm Springs.


The Babies

Restaurant of Week Segment – June 2, 2018

9:00 – 10:00 AM

Hour 1 Seg 1 – Restaurant of Week Segment

John Fritch re: “Peaks Restaurant” @ the Top of the P.S. Tram.
– June 1-17: Restaurant Week. Three courses for $49. Children’s menu and regular menu available.
– Awarded #8 IN THE WORLD “Restaurant w/ a View” from Architectural Digest!!!!
– Season passes for the Tram are available now so come up to Peaks.
– John’s been awarded “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the P.S, Chamber. Awards Luncheon Tues. @ the Renaissance, P.S.
– Celebrating “Willie Boy’s” 1Year Anniversary. With 17 bands, car shows etc., up in Morongo Valley.
– Owns Palm Springs Limousine as well.
www.pstamway.com and www.willieboysbbq.com


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