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Medical Segment – April 7, 2018

10:00-11:00 AM

Hour 2 Seg 1 – Medical Segment

Dr. Leslie Todd, professor of Nursing, a Nurse Practioner.
How bio-identical hormones and alkaline water impact:
– Flu shots – so many strains of flu, shots may not be as effective. Take D3 everyday, take Vit. C everyday, drink the Alkaline water, eat more greens. Remember, disease is acidic and health if alkaline and you may not get the flu.
– Alzheimers – The alkaline water is a smaller molecule and therefore gets into your brain cells. Children who crawled a lot may have activated both sides of their brain better than most. All bio-identical hormones will help all of your body, especially your muscles i.e. heart (most important muscle and runs your blood and circulation to YOUR BRAIN). The hormone Pregnenolone for your memory and to help you sleep better @ night
– E-coli from lettuce – There was a scare not to eat lettuce that was not handled properly. E-coli is most prevalent in urinary tract infections because it is in your intestines. 2.5 Alkaline water will kill E-coli and MRSA that is in hospitals.
– Wrinkles – The alkaline water treats wrinkles from the inside….put the 5.% alkaline water on the outside.
– FREE consultations @ Town Center Compounding Pharmacy @ 72-624 El Paseo Drive, Palm Desert
(760) 341-3984


Arts/Artists Segment – April 7, 2018

10:00-11:00 AM

Hour 2 Seg 2 – Arts/Artists Segment

Steven Biller
– Great time in the Coachella Valley for all things artistic that are up on the web site.
– TODAY; “Warhol In The Park” in La Quinta today, to teach children about Pop Art!!! More in April and May. Presented in P.D., P.S. and Coachella.
– 5/6 – @ Veteran’s Memorial @ Park in Coachella for the next “Warhol In The Park”
– CA. Desert Art Council is supporting State Bill – # SB933 to enforce having arts in the schools for children.
– The website is great for resources to unify the arts, economy, find jobs, etc., Steven wants to empower and unify the arts community, because 1 in 5 persons employed in the Coachella Valley works in the Arts.

Nancy Tapick
– TONIGHT: 4/7 – The Gala starring Boz Scaggs w/ The Desert Symphony.
– 4/12 – 8 PM -The Music of Michael Jackson w/ The Desert Symphony.
– New Season tix go on sale Ap., 16;
– Dec., The Music of Bruce Springstein
– Jan., The Music of Frank Sinatra
– Feb., Holiday Winter Party tribute to the Big Bopper
– Mar., an evening w/ Matthew Morrison
– Ap., Big Band Broadway w/ Debbie Gravitte
– Tues., 4/10 benefit for The Desert Symphony’s Children’s Programs @ screening of “Becoming Marilyn Monroe” @ P.S. Cultural Center’s Camelot Theatre @ 7 PM.
(760) 773-5988

Nancy and Steven

cont. Arts/Artists Segment – April 7, 2018

10:00-11:00 AM

Hour 2 Seg 3 – cont. Arts/Artists Segment

Steven Biller
– Tonight there’s a “sight specific” opening on Hwy. 62 “Available to All” up thru the end of the year.
– American Documentary Film Festival thru the 14 @ the P.S. Cultural Center/Camelot Theater.
– “Wild and Scenic” Film Festival @ UCRiverside in Palm Desert 4/21.
– 4/20, 22 P.S. Cannibis Festival @
– TODAY – Mariachi Festival @ Veterans Park in Coachella.
– TOMORROW – Artisans @ the Pueblo @ Cabots Pueblo Museum.
– 4/19 – @ UCR Palm Desert screening of “Brillo Box 3 Cents Off” documentary.
– TOMORROW – Opera In the Park in Palm Springs.
– 4/13, 14 – “Havanna Night” @ I.W. Theatre @ CSUSB

Tristan Gittens re: New restaurant @ the Art Museum in Palm Springs…Persimmon Bistro.
– Open 6 months now, re-building and remodeling.
– Executive Chef is Bruce Salmon w/ fresh soups, salads, smoothies, juices. Serving charcuterie. Import beef from Spain, France.
– Open 11 AM to 4 and closed Wednesdays.
– Candice (his wife and designer) and Tristan own this.
– Also own “Frankinbun” across from B. of A. on Indian w/ Candice’s designed wallpaper. She did another wallpaper for Persimmon.
– Can go just to eat, don’t need to have a ticket to a show in the Annenberg.
(760) 324-6696

Steven and Tristen

L.G.B.T./Revivals Segment – April 7, 2018

11:00-12:00 PM

Hour 3 Seg 1 – L.G.B.T./Revivals Segment

Alexis Ortega
– 4/19 – “National Give Out Day” national day to support LGBT to prepare for Dining Out for Life, benefit @ Chipotle on Hwy. @ the Smoke Tree Commons…
– 4/28 – 2nd Annual Eastern Valley Pride Festival in Coachella, all student lead. FREE event.

Charles Huff
– TODAY; 30% off new outdoor pottery, while supplies last! – All stores.
– TODAY AND TOMORROW; 25% off Ashley Furniture, all new furniture – All stores.
– TODAY AND TOMORROW; 20% off all linens @ Cathedral City and Palm Desert Stores.
– TODAY AND TOMORROW: 20% off brand new area rugs – All stores.
– Different merchandise in all three stores.
– Still need for volunteers.

Steven Henke
re: 4/26 “Dining Out for Life”
– We came in 3rd in the NATION last year in Dining Out for Life behind Minneapolis and Denver, but the 3 top restaurants in last year’s Dining Out for Life in the NATION were Trio, Spencers and LuLu in Palm Springs.
– New sponsor is Reveal Pale Ale.
– Go go www.diningoutforlife.com/palmsprings all restaurants are listed by various categories.

Technology/Cannabis Segment – April 7, 2018

11:00-12:00 PM

Hour 3 Seg 2 – Technology/Cannabis Segment

Adrian Sifuentes
– Biggest computer issues are security based.
– People don’t understand computer basics. A chromebook is an Apple product that will be easy for folks that are not computer literate to understand.
– His ability to solve computer, wi-fi, etc. issues on your property.
– Discussion of buying cannabis on line etc., Products w/ cannabis.
– Expert in Apple Technologies.
(760) 895-2785)

Josh Starer
– Cannabis oil that has THC in it is not necessarily legal in all states @ this point in time.
– THC is the ingredient that gets someone high.
– CBD oil is not controlled by government regulations. But perhaps to avoid CBD oil made in China. It is good for topical aches and pains, to increase your appetite, to help w/ nausea, it’s anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, anti-cancer. Atomic Budz carries the CBD oil w/ no hallucinogenic effects.
– Atomic Budz is in the great GREEN psychedelic on the south side of Perez Road in Cathedral City….include cannabis products in water, chocolate, etc., Delivery service.
– Cannabis Oil can be bought w/out a prescription in all 50 states.
– On Jan., 1st CA. recognized the right of citizens to have both medicinal and recreational use of cannabis.
– The law is that there are 2 kinds of recommendations….one from a doctor, two from the state of CA. state issued ID. Then you can forgo some taxes…but you cannot own a gun in the state of CA.
(760) 322-4481

Adrian and Josh

“Go Green” Segment – April 7, 2018

11:00-12:00 PM

“Go Green” Segment

Ashley Metzger
– Stay hydrated.
– “Help to Others” program w/ United Way of the Desert for folks who can’t pay their water bills.
– Highest use month is July.
– Conservation has dropped off a bit.
– New pipes are now ductile iron, which is more flexible and should last over 100 years.
– Downtown system has pipes dating back to the Great Depression and is failing all over and needs to be replaced.
– Water pipes are usually buried 3 feet down.
– Many rebates available on the website.
(760) 323-4971




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