Wear Red and Eat Chocolate!

July 2021 Appearances

7. 7/31 – The Extreme Home Make-Over, Joey Edition “WHEEL SPIN”. Won by Elizabeth T.


6. 7/27 – Gifted artists Karen and Tony Barone celebrating Karen’s bday @ Todd Flood’s “Maracas”. LOVE the fried ice cream.

5. 7/25 – National Parents Day since 1995.

4. 7/20 – Dinner w/ Marty W. @ Willie Rhine’s wonderful “1501 Uptown Pub” . Great food, fun, fellowship and furnishings!!!!


3. 7/17 – Happy Natal Day to Lucie Arnaz. A member of the “seventeen-er” club!!!.


2. Steve Kanold, travel advisor to the Joey English Show touting his new book on the program this week. Now we have to learn to read!!!! Available @ Amazon.


1. Happy 4th of July. America, 245 years old and on you, it looks good! Great BBQ @ Marty’s.

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