Wear Red and Eat Chocolate!

“Euro-Lift” Segment – June 30, 2018

10:00 – 11:00 AM

Hour 2 Seg 2 – “Euro-Lift” Segment

Dr. Rim Marcinkus
– Eurolift is based on a Scandinavian procedure invented in Sweden, that he improved on.
– Very safe, in the office, w/ local anesthesia, one hour procedure, one day recovery, years/decades off your face.
– 100 % success rate w/ the Eurolift.
– Eurolift has several components. I.E. face and neck, chin, temporal lifts, upper and lower eyelifts, brow lifts all possible.
– Offices all over the world.
(760) 340-3402)

Dr. Rim Marcinkus

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