Wear Red and Eat Chocolate!

Desert Regional Medical Center Segment – April 14, 2018

11:00-12:00 PM

Hour 3 Seg 2 – Desert Regional Medical Center Segment

Dr. Mehrdad Asgeri
– Mehrdad means “Gift of a Son, one who is truly passionate. Asgeri means “soldier” in Persian.
– His specialty is gastroenterology.
– He has a new technique to examine the pancreas in an out-patient procedure w/ a very small probe to see the pancreas w/ an ultrasound technology that goes down through the throat. NON-INVASIVE.
– High risk patients for pancreatic cancer should have this procedure every 2 to 3 years. Family history comes into play here, etc.,
– 4/18 – His FREE talk “OH MY ACHING STOMACH”… How Stress Affects Your Digestion @ the Stergios Building @ D.R.M.C. from 10 AM to 11 AM. How big and small stresses affect your digestive system…Q. and A. w/ Dr. Asgeri.
– Tips to avoid stomach ulcers – take ONLY Tylenol, all other pain remedies are hurtful to many other organs and can cause ulcers.
(800) 491-4990

Dr. Asgeri

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